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Our Mission & Service Team responds to the reality that we are all called to serve. By prayerfully discerning opportunities for our members and friends to invest the resources of our time and our church’s money, the Mission and Service Team’s goal is to make a difference in our community and our world.  We support local, national and international agencies that provide services to people of all ages. Our team develops partnerships and opportunities to serve with local organizations as well as distributing funds from the operating budget of the church.

Our Mission  & Service Team offers two types of funding - micro funding and a macro grant:

Micro Funds: For Requests of $250.00 or Less
Our goal in creating this category is to equip and empower members and those who are active in the FPCL community to receive a limited amount of funding, in an expedient manner, for an appropriate project, that they will personally support and take part in. It is expected that this project will be an expression of his or her faith being put in action. Applicants must submit and sign our Mission Ministry Funds Request form

Note: In return for receiving Mission’s funding/support the requesting person is committing themselves to informing the committee how these funds were used, and the effect they have had on him or her, as well as others, in a timely manner. Any digital pictures of the event/cause you can share for our website would be appreciated.
The committee will then utilize this information for the purpose of encouraging others to get involved with projects that help spread God’s word and work.

Macro-Grant: For Requests over $250.00
Requests for Mission funding for amounts greater than $250.00 require the applicants to read our informational letter and our Mission Ministry Funds Request Criteria.

Applicants must submit and sign our Mission Ministry Funds Request form

Requests of this size require a majority approval vote at a regularly scheduled Mission committee meeting. These meetings currently take place on the first Tuesday of each month.
Request forms must be submitted to a committee Elder (currently Larry Fried or Lynne Lyberger) - no later than the 15th of the month – in order to have the request brought before the committee at the next regular meeting.
The committee will not necessarily make a final decision regarding the request during the first meeting at which it is presented.

Thank you for putting your faith in action!