The purposes of the Funds Team

To provide opportunities for members and friends of the church to make gifts as traditional memorials, to meet special needs, and to contribute to a permanent Christian Heritage Fund to support the FPCL's broader ministry and mission programs for generations to come. Memorial gifts provide an opportunity for members and friends of the FPCL to make a lasting contribution in the memory of a loved one or to commemorate other significant events. These gifts are to be used for memorials that are as nearly "permanent" as possible. The Funds Committee functions with the authority and supervision of the Session, which has approved these Funds Committee Operating Policies and Procedures for the management of and disbursement from the Funds.

Funds Team Objectives

To encourage the giving to FPCL, by persons in the Congregation and community, of gifts and resources (above and separate from giving to the annual FPCL operating budget) including benevolences, wills, bequests, and property.

To create Funds that will be managed and administered by the Funds Committee in accordance with the Session-approved annual plan. These Funds will furnish resources for physical and personnel needs and activities not provided for in the annual church operating budget that relate to and support the ministries and missions of the FPCL.

The FPCL (Funds Committee in consultation with Session) retains the right to turn down any gift that it deems not to be consistent with the mission and ministry of the Church or conflicts with existing Church practices.


Why are gifts given to the Memorial Fund?
To acknowledge someone's loss of a loved one or in gratitude for special events, such as a birthday or anniversary.

What are these gifts used for?
They serve to continue the enrichment of the service of the church, and funds are never used to support the annual operating budget.

Ways to contribute:

  • A bequest is a gift stipulated in a will or trust which is presented after the Donor dies. 
  • A living gift, which could be cash, securities or property, is one that takes effect the moment the donor makes it. Several Life Income Plans are available which guarantee the donor life income or annuity, reduce or eliminate various taxes and provide eventual benefit to the Church.
  • Naming our Church as the beneficiary of an insurance policy enables you to make a large gift to the church at a relatively small outlay. 
  • Memorial Bricks. Donate a brick in memory of a loved one. $500 purchases a 4"x8" red brick and $1,000 purchases an 8"x8" red brick. 

How do I make a donation to the Memorial Fund?

A check made out to FPCL Memorial Fund may be sent to the church office or placed in the offering plate during a worship service. Include the name of the person in whose memory the gift is given. Include the name and address of the family member so we can reach out and let them know a gift has been received.


Under the supervision of the session, this team directs the investment and use of gifts given.