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Sunday Program K - 5th grade Online program offered

Student Program Middle/High School Online program offered

Email brie@fpcl.us or jen@fpcl.us for info on how to get involved

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Check our News/Events page to see when our next outdoor worship event is planned for. 

Next Step at FPCL

A short series of classes as you progress on your faith journey.


Email office@fpcl.us

Call 925-447-2078

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8:30 am service: Prior to the pandemic we worshipped in the historical chapel. This is a contemplative service which involves some form of meditation along with weekly communion.

Enter through our main doors on Fourth Street or go through the gates to the courtyard on K Street and enter through the door along the ramp.

10:00am service: At this time we are not gathering inside - We welcome you to check in online at either our modern worship at 9:00 am or our traditional worship at 10:00 am. Prior to the pandemic we worshipped in the sanctuary. It features a more traditional service with our choir, pipe organ and bell choir. Some services include contemporary and alternative music throughout the year. 

Enter through the main doors along the covered breezeway which is located on the corner of fourth and L Street.

How long does a service last? 
Approx. 60 minutes.

What should I wear?
Wear what you are comfortable in - our congregation varies from suits to smart casual to jeans or shorts

Should I bring anything?
Feel free to bring your Bible if you have one

Parking & Entrance: You can park on K & Fifth Street, on Fourth Street and along some parts of L StreetIs there a Coffee hour after worship?

Refreshments: Coffee station as you arrive for Worship. Bring your coffee inside!
Volunteers host coffee and light snacks after both services in our Fellowship Hall located in the courtyard, towards K Street. Please join us - Everyone is welcome, and we are eager to welcome and get to know you.

Bibles are provided in the pews but you are welcome to bring your own.
Information: A “Welcome Station” is in the FH with more information. A person will be there to answer questions.

How can I get more information or get added to the email list?


CHILDCARE: 3 months - 3 yrs in our Stars child care in room C2. during both services

CHILDREN: Preschool/TK 3-5 yrs (potty-trained) in our Rocket Room  in room C3. This class offers age appropriate Bible lessons through activities, stories, crafts, and play

K- 5th available for 10:00 service. Regular BLAST rotation schedule. Children are dismissed from worship and head out to BLAST, guided by our shepherd volunteers

BLAST is based on a workshop rotation program - Children rotate by grade level through four weeks of Bible-based interactive workshops. Our desire is to help children understand God’s word as well as His love for them

Middle School Program: Students can go directly to the youth room (2F4) as opposed to beginning in the service

High School Program: Meet in the youth room (2F4) AFTER the service at 11:15 am.

FPCL has a Safe Church Policy and ALL Children/youth are checked in using our electronic tracking system before worship. You and your child are given a matching ticket which you will use to check out your child after worship. You will find the check in station hosted by our friendly staff in the Narthex which is the entrance to the Sanctuary. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are safe.

Upcoming Classes: Due to COVID 19, these classes are on hold until further notice.

Please email office@fpcl.us  with questions and if interested in participating

Led by Pastor Denia Segrest and Coordinator of Connections Ministry, Kim Salch, Next Step is a 2-week gathering that meets on a Sunday  (child care is provided). During this time, we will look at some basic aspects of our faith, think together about being a community of Christ, and answer questions you may have about our church.

No RSVP is necessary, however if you would like to let the office know, (office@fpcl.us) that would be helpful. 

Our church believes that the substance of life is reflected in the commitments we make. Joining FPCL [or any other church] is not about changing how God views you, but intentionally saying something about how you view God and making a commitment to being a part of a church community.

  • Who is this Jesus person and what does it mean to follow Him?

  • Why would I want to join a church in general,and this church in particular?

  • Does the church care about my money more than it cares for me?

  • What do Presbyterians believe?

  • Do I have to join the church in order to be in involved?

  • Would you like to know how we are involved in mission here and abroad?

  • Do you need a tour of the building? 

Get in touch with us!

we are happy to answer your questions

Call: 925.447.2078  |  Email: office@fpcl.us

Church office hours: 9:00 AM  - 3:00 PM Monday -Friday

Summer office hours: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Monday -Friday Mid-June/Mid August