Yesterday - Today - The Future


We believe now is the time for our church to make an investment in the church
that will unfold over the next 150 years and the generations that will follow!
retelling the story


For 150 years FPCL has been a source of light, hope & love in the city of Livermore and the Livermore Valley. For generations our church has provided a faithful presence by serving God, shining the light of Christ and allowing God’s Spirit to tangibly work in and through our ministry. As the city and valley has changed – so too has our church. In many ways FPCL is not just located in the heart of the city…we have nurtured the heart of the city from its beginning.

In 1871 the ten men and women who formally FPCL made an investment in our community by organizing our church. Every subsequent generation has built upon that initial investment, leading to 150 years of ministry and the tangible impact FPCL has had on the Tri-Valley. Each one if us has benefited from the faithful and generous efforts of those who came before us. 


Details of Debt - Assumptions: Current Debt/Loan: 1 Million

Monthly/Annual Payment: $14,529/$174,355

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3 Priority areas to allocate freed up resources:

  1. Staffing – Hire additional staffing to enable us to re-focus on ministry the way we have traditionally come to value it while also implementing new initiatives to engage our community and energize our congregation.
  2. Mission & Service – focus our efforts and our impact in addressing issues of housing & food insecurity, empowering young people & advancing issues of inclusivity.
  3. Facilities – update and improve our facilities by creating a welcome center as well as spaces that are more flexible and conducive to ministry in a post-COVID world.


Our goal is 100% participation in this debt elimination effort! We are confident that we are able to eliminate the remaining church debt and that doing so will be the single most important thing we can do to ensure the health and strength of FPCL as we head into our net 150 years.

A New math equation: $ x # = your gift! We are asking each of us to give an amount of money [*whatever you discern you can do] and multiply that amount by the number of years you have been a part of FPCL and give that towards the elimination of the church’s debt.
*Please notify the church if your intention is to make your contribution over multiple payments

ways to give 

how you can help

  • Click the Donate Online button 
  • Donate using the online form (below)
  • Mail Checks to the church office: '150th celebration' in memo line
  • IRA Charitable Trust Distribution
  • Gift Stock


Yesterday - Today - the Future

Debt Reduction Amount

We would like to donate toward the debt reduction the following way: 

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