Join us here at 10:00 am on Sunday as we live-stream the service

Upcoming Classes: April 19 & 26 at 8:30 am, 2D1 Upper Room. Please email  with questions and if interested in participating

next step3As you progress with your spiritual journey and may be considering joining with a more formal commitment, you will have an opportunity to look at some basic aspects of our faith and think together about being a part of this community of Christ. The Next Step classes are a short series of classes with Pastor Denia Segrest & Coordinator of Connections Ministry, Kim Salch. These classes will inform you of the history and vision of FPCL.

Perhaps you’ve been coming to our church for a while and are feeling like this is becoming a place of home for you in your spiritual journey. We hope so. And if so we want to invite you to a class we’re calling The Next Step. It’s a 2-week gathering that will meet on a Sunday  (child care will be provided). During that time, we will look at some basic aspects of our faith, think together about being a community of Christ, and answer questions you may have about our church. No RSVP is necessary, however if you would like to let the office know, ( would be helpful. 

Our church believes that the substance of life is reflected in the commitments we make. Joining FPCL [or any other church] is not about changing how God views you, but intentionally saying something about how you view God and making a commitment to being a part of a church community.

> Who is this Jesus person and what does it mean to follow Him?

> Why would I want to join a church in general,and this church in particular?

> Does the church care about my money more than it cares for me?

> What do Presbyterians believe?

> Do I have to join the church in order to be in involved?

> Would you like to know how we are involved in mission here and abroad?

> Do you need a tour of the building?