What an amazing week we are in the midst of! As I am sure you know this Sunday, September 24th is Neighbor2Neighbor [N2N]. It is going to be a great day when the church that gathers becomes the church that is sent! This is a day and these are projects that are open to ANYONE who wants to make a difference in our community, and by doing so, have an impact on the Kingdom of God. It is not too late to sign up and we still have a need for volunteers. For those of you who have been in church recently…”get out of the boat!” and sign up!

We need your help! Here are just a few of the projects you/your family might consider being a part of:

  • Random Acts of Kindness: This project is a simple way for people of all ages in our church to step out and connect with members of our Livermore and church community through simple activities of kindness.  Activities such as: delivering donuts or baked goods to local police/fire stations, the veteran’s hospital or skilled nursing facility staff [some of you will choose to make the baked goods prior to delivering them!]; dropping in on homebound church members to visit/say hello, deliver flowers or see if they have any chores they could use help with. The intention and hope is to form meaningful connections with people that we can continue to grow and cultivate throughout year. Participants can do this project as a family, a group of families/friends or be connected with other participants the morning of N2N.

  • Senior Support: Connect with residents who need light household help to improve their quality of life. Cleaning, mowing, light repairs and conversation can bring joy and make all the difference!

  • Boot Hill/Oak Knoll Litter Removal: Pick up trash on Boot Hill and surrounding area. Tools provided. All ages welcome!

  • Kid’s Bike Lane: Seasoned bike repair enthusiasts are in high need this year! Join this new organization, founded by FPCL members, as they repair and maintain bikes for local kids and homeless.

If you have not signed up already, please do! Clink on this link for a full list of projects and to sign up:

Our schedule for Sunday is [PLEASE NOTE that this schedule is different than our normal weekly worship schedule!]:

  • 9:00am Registration and Check In [in the courtyard…enter through the gates on K St.]
  • 9:30am Kick-Off in the courtyard followed by meeting & gathering with our work groups [in the courtyard for off campus projects, Fellowship Hall for on campus projects]
  • 9:45am Let the serving begin!
  • 5:00pm Worship at the church in the Sanctuary 
  • 5:45pm Taco cart dinner and Fellowship time

This truly is going to be a wonderful weekend! I am so excited for how the Spirit of God will be at work in and through our church and sincerely hope you are planning on being a part of it. I believe that God has created us to experience fullness & abundance in life . Part of how we do so involves serving others for in doing so we ourselves are blessed and transformed.

In John 13:35 Jesus says, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, by the love you have for one another." My hope and prayer is that this Sunday will be a time where we love one another and our community well, and in the process demonstrate well the love we have for God.

See you Sunday!
Grace & Peace,
Steve W