To make God's love real in our community
To make a difference in our world
To support the ministry of a thriving church . . .

To make the work and witness of our church possible! Imagine the difference your commitment makes in response to the lavish grace of God. Because you give, we can do great things for God! 

  • What is it worth to have our children experience the love and knowledge of God through our youth programs?

  • What is it worth to have a staff and lay leaders that present endless opportunities to live in community and grow in a faith through our many ministries serving all age groups?

  • What is it worth to know that we provide our youth a place to go where they can be constantly affirmed and loved for who they are?

  • What is it worth to know that we make a tangible difference in the world through our involvement in the community and the world?

Like God’s love, these things are priceless!!

If you are imagining how you can respond to ensure these treasures continue to thrive and grow; GOOD! Your response is critical to continue the work of the church and live out our vision for the future. Your response to God with your time, talents and treasure is what Stewardship is about and this is the time in our church year where we each decide what our commitment will be. No matter what size the gift, when combined with the generosity of all, we can fulfill what God is calling us to do! On behalf of all those who have benefited from the mission and ministry of this church, thank you for your faithfulness in the past and for your promise to come.
You will be hearing more from your Stewardship committee in the weeks ahead. Please prayerfully reflect on how your commitment to giving can help us continue to make a difference in our world!